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Crete gorgeous beaches for couples

On the island of Crete, there are numerous distant and "not-crowded" beaches that are perfect for some "alone" time with your "other half". Chania (Western regional unit - prefecture- of Crete, with the capital named Chania city) is by far the primary destination for couples' holidaying in Crete - and Greece - and its famous beaches is only one of its attractions. Chania (regional unit of Crete) is the most attractive place for couples that want to spend care-free holidays in an authentic Cretan scenery!

The Old Town of Chania

Chania city might be the most popular spot for romantic holidays in Crete! The "Chania old town" is full of historical memories reflected on the architecture of the buildings, the picturesque alleys and the beautiful Venetian Port. Enjoy a romantic stroll within the "old city" and experience a travel "in time". suggest a carriage tour of the old city for the best experience. Chania city is the second-largest city on the island of Crete, a must-visit during the evening hours as it is well known for its nightlife and amazing evening sceneries at the Venetian port. It is 30 minutes away from Solimar White Pearl - Adults only four (4) stars beach hotel by car.

Loutro in Chania

Loutro, is a well-hidden place, isolated beach village, in the southern Chania region. the perfect destination and highly recommended visiting for isolated swimming and food experience for two! the village of "Loutro" is located about 70 kilometers south of Chania city and a short distance from Sfakia village. The area is highly isolated, and the only way to reach Loutro is by taking the boat from Hora Sfakion (Sfakia). While in Loutro you can witness incredible natural beauty and extremely low chance for wind as the bay forms a natural harbor, the deep blue and green waters and the friendly and calm atmosphere of the place is a perfect combination of relaxation and space from the city's anxiety. Similarly to, almost all, of the seaside villages in Crete, Loutro is famous for the fresh seafood and fish. In loutro there is not so much "lights' pollution" which makes the observation of the starry night sky under the candlelight the ultimate romance in a beach evening scenery!


The; old "hippy" town of the 70s in Crete. Palaiochora is easily accessed by car or public transportation. It is located 55 Km to the South of Kolymbari, Chania Paleochora used to be the hippy town of Crete many years ago, in the 70s. Relaxation is the word that comes in mind, while in Palaiochora. The beautiful scenery in combination with many and long beaches sets the perfect atmosphere for the ideal romantic escape into this romantic town. Palaiochora is a place where one can find beautiful crowded and organized beaches or lonely and "clothing optional beaches". From Paleochora you can take the ferry to the villages on the south coast, mostly isolated with no land access, for a romantic adventure for two!

Chrissi Island in Lasithi

Chrissi is one very small isle, that is located 8 nautical miles to the south of the Ierapetra city in Lasithi (Agios Nikolaos - the eastern regional unit of Crete). The coasts of the island are surrounded by the Libyan Sea in the Mediterranean. Chrissi isle is accessible only by sea, with a ferry from Ierapetra. It is a majestic little isle with an exotic landscape dominated by cedar trees, white/golden sand and turquoise clear waters. The special characteristic of this little isle is the numerous colored shells on the beach (in some parts in the place where someone would normally find only sand). It will be an excellent choice for a day trip for couples!


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