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"Optional" Clothing Beaches

"Optional" clothing Beaches in West

Crete is a magnificent island, with diversity in landscapes, and atmosphere. That variety also is found in its beaches, as there can be some beaches, that are less crowded at one of their ends and more crowded at another end. In General, naturism is not allowed except in licensed beaches but is tolerated in numerous places. Crete is a deeply traditional place and being nude on a beach may embarrass the locals. but it is tolerated or even allowed on some beaches of the island. Topless sunbathing is fine , unless the beach is situated very close to a village.

A few special mentions for west crete

Paleochora Beach

Paleochora is the name of a large village, which became very popular because of its beautiful beaches. At Palaiochora, the visitor may choose between sand or pebbles and crowded or not so crowded spots. The main sandy beach at Palaiochora is about 1 km long. The pebble beach to the East of Palaiochora extends for about 3 km. the beach of Gialiskari (Anidri beach), further to the East has two beaches with sand and pebbles with an approximate length of 600 m. beaches in the area are the eastern part of Gialiskari beach (Anidri beach) and the western end of Paleochora's sandy beach. Frequent daily transportation from and to Chania, road access from Chania and nearby villages, also accessible by ferry from nearby beach villages of Southwestern Crete.

Sougia Beach

Sougia beach, might be one of the best (overall) beaches with magnificent surroundings in the West of Crete. Sougia beach is a pebble beach, with relaxing atmosphere and very close to the village of Sougia ( read more at Google) part of the beach is the eastern part. The village is located 75 km (90 minutes) south of Chania. You can access the location by public transportation (daily) or ferryboat from nearby coastal villages at the Southwestern Crete.

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