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Crete Adventures

Adventures on Crete island

Crete is a place with a vast countryside and lots of variations in the landscapes forming the scenery. combines beautifully the vacation and recreation at beaches and sea-side places, with the mountain and nature visiting locations that will

Hiking and Trekking in the Mountains and Gorges of Crete

Hiking is advised in many areas and mountainous paths around Crete. Hiking in Crete is the best way to explore and experience the Crete region that you are staying in. Crete is definitely more than luxury resorts, nightlife or a sunny place with awesome beaches for swimming. Crete is a mountainous island and that landscape has affected greatly the island's history and the personality of its inhabitants. At the western part of Crete are formed the Lefka Ori (White Mountains), with a max altitude of 2453m. At the center of that mountainous formation, there is a mountain called Idi (Psiloritis): with an altitude of 2456m. Cretan mountains form a continuous chain from one end of the island to the other and they give the impression that Crete island is much larger than it actually is. At Crete island ends the final part of E4 (fourth European path) ends in Crete island. This path is the pan European hiking path, starting from Portugal and ending on to Crete island marked with black-yellow posts & signs.

Crete caves & underground formations

The cave of Peristeras close to Sitia (east Crete). The cave lies at the location Kato Plativolo (or Peristeras). Parts of rocks have fallen on the ground from the ceiling. At the lowest part of the cave, there is a difference in elevation from the entrance at 60 meters. The cave was mapped and studied by E. Platakis on 10th August 1963.

The cave of Milatos. The cave is named also Rapas cave. It is close to the village of Milatos, therefore more commonly known as Milatos cave. It is accessible from a road leading you to the cave area after 2,5 kilometers distance from the village. The cave has 8 small and big entrances along 40 meters.

Cave of Sfedonis or cave of Zoniana. the cave is quite large, with direction from North to South. The cave has a maximum length of 145m (straight line) with many chambers (The Harmonies, the Sanctum of the Fairy, the Chapel, the Palace, the Parthenon, the Panorama, the Metropolis, the Lost Child, the Fossilized Waves) that succeed each other. It has rich a decoration of stalagmites and stalactites and toward its end, there are several fossilized waves (litho-Matic basins).

You may discover additional information about caves and underground formations at "Incredible Crete"

Waterfalls in Crete island. Throughout the Crete mainland, there are several hidden or at impassable locations, waterfall formations. some waterfalls keep flowing throughout the year. The most popular of these "all year round" flowing waterfalls is the waterfall of Kourtaliotis at Plakias (southern west Crete), the waterfall Mylonas near Ierapetra and the Richtis near Sitia. very impressive waterfalls are formed throughout the winter period close to the Asterousia mountain range, where the most famous one is the Ambas waterfall near the village Paranymfi. some of those formations are not possible to be visited without special gear or mountaineering equipment. although, there can be found companies that can provide training in canyoneering on the island.

Crete Bird watching

The wetlands of Crete are sheltering a large number of animal species and plants. They play a valuable role in the biodiversity on the island. During fall and spring, visitors can observe migratory birds in the numerous watchtowers placed at most wetlands or in mountainous areas with a large array of predator species. Crete becomes a favorite resting place for a vast number of migratory birds, during autumn and spring. Many observation huts and towers have been installed in wetlands where bird watchers can observe a great variety of birds. one of these wetland spots on Crete is the largest natural lake (Kournas lake) in Crete, which is located close to Georgioupolis. There the visitors can observe birds from the local watchtower.


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